Mutewatch Poppy Red

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[mw02fw12] *The Mutewatch has a hidden touchscreen and silent, vibrating alarm and timer functions. It keeps track of time so you don't have to. DISPLAY Glowing Perfection - 50 LEDs (4 characters, 2 status) at 100 Hz rate - Capacative and easy-to-use touch screen - Automatic adaptation to the surrounding light intensity for optimal glow PRODUCT CARE Give a little love - Hand wash - Protect from strongly coloring substances (for example: soy sauce, tomato) BATTERY & POWER Energy management - 1-3 weeks of operation depending on usage - Device warns when battery level is low - 11/2 hours charging (from USB-port) refills battery - Hibernation mode when battery is too low - 1 week without usage automatically sets device in hibernation mode - Plug device in USB-port to wake from hibernation mode SOFTWARE Upgrade and move on - Mutewatch software can be upgraded over USB - See webpage for news: MODEL & DIMENSIONS The one size adjustable wristband - Total weight: 100 grams? - Minimal wrist size: 14 cm - Maximal wrist size: 18,5 cm - Bracelet width: 25.4 mm - Bracelet height: 12.5 mm MOVEMENT SENSOR Detection your motion - Low user activity is interpreted as sleep, which increases the intensity of the vibrating alarm - Removal of wristband activates the glowing display [Color] Poppy Red [Retail Price] 199.00 EUR [Shipping fee by Spain post priority] 4.26 EUR(SPAIN) 8.54 EUR(EUROPE) 12.04 EUR(Outside of EUROPE)
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